After visiting Bucharest for one week, all of us made new friends, learned a lot of new things about Europe and Bucharest and had a better impression of how difficult it is to be a politician.
So first of all we would like to thank all the Romanian teachers, students and host families for making this week so great and letting us be part of your daily lives. Your warm welcome immediately created a nice atmosphere that lasted the whole week long and made it very easy and harmonious to work together at the project.
Added to that, thank you for giving us the chance to visit all the interesting sights and museums that gave us a very good impression of the past and the present situation of Romania.
But of course not only the Romanian teachers did a good job at planning this project but also all the teachers from the other countries had very different and interesting games and projects that made this week varied and exciting.
Furthermore, we were really appreciative of the opportunity to communicate with people of our age from different European countries. It wasn’t only interesting to hear about their everyday lives but to hear about their political opinions as well.

So all in all the German group wants to thank everyone who made this week unforgetable, let us experience a lot of new things and opened their houses and hearts for us.