As you guys will know there will be the student conference next year. Please find attached the tasks for the student conference.


LIMES Borders and Bridges: Challenging division in Europe

Dear students,

Welcome to our Erasmus plus project LIMES Borders and Bridges: Challenging division in Europe. We are looking forward to being able to share your ideas and your vision for the future of our Union.

The website will serve as our agora, our virtual meeting place like the central square in ancient Rome where discussion took place and decisions were taken. Since it is your project we would like you to shape and design that meeting place with a new logo. Your contributions need to be handed in via email to one of the LIMES teachers at your school until mid-November 2017. You can win amazon vouchers as the first (20€), second (15€) and third prize (10€). Create your own design and respect copyright issues.

We are supported by an EU grant as Erasmus plus school cooperation which will allow us to meet for a conference in March 2018. In preparation of that conference some work needs to be done at home:

  • Brainstorm the topic of borders within and around your country relating to current social and political challenges (social cohesion; treatment of minorities; inclusion in education and the world of work, populism, diversity of cultures and religious faiths, group identity and exclusion). Create a mindmap of relevant topics for your country. Please create a ppt that we can upload until
  • As a conference delegation, prepare a presentation that tells the story of your country’s political borders and social boundaries over the course of history. Focus on political turning points and interesting moments of social tension or change. Explain the significance of both inclusion and exclusion for your people and groups within your society. You will give your presentations at the STUDENT CONFERENCE in March 2017. Make them good to follow and rehearse them at home.
  • As individual student contributing to the conference:
    1. Create an exhibit consisting of a photograph that illustrates one of the dividing lines of or within your country.
    2. Tell the story behind the picture explaining to somebody from another European country how it illustrates a border or dividing line. Include a short explanation why you chose exactly that border and picture. Make it interesting to read for the visitors of our exhibition. Bring your work along to the conference.


Careful: all your work will be published both as exhibit, part of a gallery guidebook and digitally on the website. That is why you always have to follow copyright laws! Do not use pictures, music, etc. that is copyrighted without getting permission from the owner. Most newspapers have a policy that allows the use of their pictures for educational purposes if the source is clearly stated.