In a world in which nationalism seems to be on the rise once more, in which politicians want to build walls to deter immigrants and in which the question of identity is heatedly discussed, we are very happy to introduce you to our new project. Our new topic is borders and how to cross borders. Not only borders between nations but also borders between different social groups, rich and poor, black and white, you name it.

The Stuttgart group kicked the project off with a field trip to one of the most interesting borders of German history, the city was literally cut in half for more than twenty years – Berlin.

Our schedule included the following things which we’d like to present to you:

Also we had the opportunity to meet a typical “Berliner” who saw the Wall be built and tumble down after nearly three decades and were able to interview him.

The Stuttgart group likes to say hi to all partner schools and would like to invite everyone to delve into their experience from Berlin…

… also “SEE YOU SOON”!

(if you are looking for the tasks for the student conference, you can find them here Tasks Student Conference)