Discovering future options

Now online, V-logs of our first student conference in Stuttgart in November 2019. It was a busy, inspiring week finding out about our partners’ education systems, interimships and work oportunities, sharing our plans for life after school, getting to know compaies in the Stuttgart region and finding out about oportunities for youg people.

Please follow the links and find out how the Student delegations from Braga, Copenhagen, Budapest, Rome and Stuttgart feel about their experience.





YOU Young – Open – United: Growing up in Times of Change

Growing up in times of change


Agrupamente de Escolas de Maximinos (Braga) Eötvös József Gimnázium (Budapest), Geschwister-Scholl-Gymnasium (Stuttgart), Liceo Statale Farnesina (Rome) and N. Zahles Gymnasie Skole (Copenhagen) invite you to share ideas, impressions and results of our project work on:

Growing up in times of change

What kind of future awaits us 50 years from now?


This collection of short science fiction stories, poems and art work will give you an insight into the way we – students from Bucharest, Budapest, Copenhagen, Rome, and Stuttgart – imagine the future and bring you closer to our individual visions of Europe in 2050 and beyond. It is part of our project “Limes: Borders and Bridges – Challenging division in Europe” supported by the European programme Erasmus plus and will introduce you to fictitious societal and political concepts, involving controversial issues such as digitalization, international affairs or climate change. Above all, we are taking you on a unique journey through worlds, where understanding of society and fundamental values have changed dramatically, all told through the eyes of characters who are deeply involved in those issues.

We sincerely hope, that you enjoy the journey into the future and are grateful for your comments, thoughts questions, suggestions and ideas.

June 2019

LIMES students and teachers from Eötvös Jósef Gimnázium (Budapest), Liceul Tehnologic Mircea Vulcanescu (Bucharest), N Zahles Gymnasieskole (Copenhagen), Liceo Statale Farnesina (Rome), Geschwister-Scholl-Gymnasium (Stuttgart).

Thank you Bucharest, the German girls wrote a few lines to express all your guests gratitude.

After visiting Bucharest for one week, all of us made new friends, learned a lot of new things about Europe and Bucharest and had a better impression of how difficult it is to be a politician.
So first of all we would like to thank all the Romanian teachers, students and host families for making this week so great and letting us be part of your daily lives. Your warm welcome immediately created a nice atmosphere that lasted the whole week long and made it very easy and harmonious to work together at the project.
Added to that, thank you for giving us the chance to visit all the interesting sights and museums that gave us a very good impression of the past and the present situation of Romania.
But of course not only the Romanian teachers did a good job at planning this project but also all the teachers from the other countries had very different and interesting games and projects that made this week varied and exciting.
Furthermore, we were really appreciative of the opportunity to communicate with people of our age from different European countries. It wasn’t only interesting to hear about their everyday lives but to hear about their political opinions as well.

So all in all the German group wants to thank everyone who made this week unforgetable, let us experience a lot of new things and opened their houses and hearts for us.

Visiting the Limes gallery


The new Limes students in Bucharest, Rome, Copenhagen, Budapest and Stuttgart visited last years gallery and shared their experience with parents and grandparents. Please enjoy their comments! Read about common European challenges and find out how the perception of social borders has changed within the last decades.

students’ response:

d students’ reactions to the limes gallery

DK Students’ reactions to the Limes Gallery

I students’ reactions to the Limes Gallery

RO students’ reactions to the Limes gallery

parents and grandparents’ response:

RO Students’ interviews with parents grandparents

I Students’ inverviews with parents

DK Students’ interviews with parents

D Students’ interviews with parents

This was our assignment:

Limes year 2 step 1 and 2 all partners



LIMES Gallery has opened…

… and guess what, tickets are free.

We are very proud to finally make the LIMES gallery accessible to the public. The pictures were taken as part of the LIMES project by students. They illustrate various borders, not only physical ones, but also those that run through society, like ethnicity, poverty, historical ones, etc.

LIMES Gallery

LIMES guide book

You find the individual contributions of the five partner schools here:






Enjoy and marvel at the works of our hard-working students.